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YAY For HCR and Fire McCain

Ok heres a small political tirade.

Yesterday Health Care Reform was signed. Yes its not completely final, but over all I think this is a good thing. Our current system is so broken we need some change...and this is a great step imo.

But I was a bit incensed by John McCain's response. and I quote;

"There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year," McCain said during an interview Monday on an Arizona radio affiliate. "They have poisoned the well in what they've done and how they've done it."

Ok I have 2 major problems with this.

First, rather than push for the changes that may need to be made to improve the Legislation, McCain would rather throw threats and encourage the punative actions of the "repeal" efforts. Plus hes ignoring the fact that the reason the "poisoning of the well" thing happened was because he and his colleagues were ALREADY NOT WORKING WITH their counterparts.

Second, and this is the big one. How do you openly say "Im not going to do my fucking job!" and not get fired?

Seriously. if any of us said "im unhappy with this decision by my company and I wont do my job for the rest of the year" you would get FIRED!

But no. Apparantly this is ok for a person to say this when it comes to politics.

Is the Health Care Reform perfect? no. Are most of the hangups that have been publicised the most the actual issues that should be addressed? no...so get with those important issues.



Zombies!!! By John Skipp

I picked up a book the other day. A collection of Zombie stories edited by John Skipp.

I must say, I debated between the book on Zombies, or the new book by Zombie Robert Jordan...and decided on the Zombies first.

So far, I have been very pleased. It even has a scene by Max Brooks that was dropped from World War Z!

Some old stuff in there too...a 1906 Russian piece for one.

Very neat.
Well, another strike today.

All the staff have bailed. So its only management today, and a few students.

And the janitors have stopped taking out the trash, so there are flies all over the place.

Good chance ill be working till 9pm tomorrow.


Political Rant - Hate Crimes

This morning, I heard about the new Hate Crimes legislation expansion...and frankly, it pissed me off all anew.

So, let me put this out there...and let the flaming commence!

I think Hate Crimes are very very bad.

And by that previous statement, I mean,  the legislation that adds time and additional persecution to the people who perpetrate them.

So hearing that additional groups had been added to legislation that I think is deeply flawed and dangerous to begin with made me cringe.

Put plainly, I think hate crimes amount to Government sponsored thought control. Our legal system HAS rules for punishments regarding the crimes one does. The prosecution, sentencing and parole/release system already take into account motivation.

All Hate crimes legislation does is say "if the person thinks "X" than our current system isnt good enough so we need to add to it"...which I strongly, vehemently, and vociforously disagree with.

To put it as plainly as I can....I dont think the government should be able to punish, persecute, reward, or even get into...the thoughts of its citizens.

I think racist assholes have the right to think as, and be racist assholes. If they break the law, the government has a right to persecute them for their actions. Those affected by that persons actions have a right to seek justice.

But creating legislation that says "because this person hates...than they need to have 10 extra years added..." isnt justice...its punative...and its IMO, a step in the direction of the government telling us what we can, and can not think.

OK...im glad that Gay and transgendered groups are getting recognized politically...and its long overdue for them to get added to the Hate Crimes legislation...my problem is not with who just got added...its with the legislation itself.

And I have had this rant before...so I apologize in advance for them that may have heard it before.



Well it looks like a group of students, faculty, and authors is going to take over one of the libraries on Friday.

And they plan on making this the first of several...meaning my library is probably soon if they are going alphabetically.

This could prove strange...the group is planning an all night sit in, and they are advertising it like the Library is involved...but the libraries just found out about it...and the Cops are going to be trying to kick everyone out at 5pm.

I predict uncomfortable tears....we shall see if it comes to my Library soon.
Alas, I havent been using LJ much recently. I havent even been checking it as often as I should, but maybe ill get back in the habit.

The last few months have been kinda odd.

Quiet in a lot of ways. Faire has been less intense than previous years, and we are already on the last even in a little over a week!

Cleveland was interesting...Work is alternately awesome or boring...and other than some very specific things related to family and the house...my world has been pretty awesome.

I think recently, a lot of little things in life are helping me to see perspective more clearly. And thats never a bad thing.

Well, short and too the point I suppose.

But im trying to read and write on LJ a bit more...we shall see.

Im on a Boat!! Lyrics NSFW

This song cracked me up!

Than I found the Video.

Maybe im behind, but figured I would share anyway.


And than something will remind me.

Things to remember- ways in which humans are EXACTLY like Wolves;

the Dog that barks the loudest;
-is always the one with the least amount of bite..
-Will probably only bark behind your back if it sees you as stronger than it.
-Will not be able to have a direct conversation or confrontation, but will attempt to pee on everything you touch
-When directly confronted, moves away growling and continuing to "be tough" until you are out of sight...than acts like it is in charge.

People crack me up.
I had an awesome weekend...

Transformers 2- lol
Fireworks - Wow!
And the highlight (other than spending tons of time with the lady-wife) was going to the Asian Art Museum's "Lords of the Samurai Exhibit"..and seeing, among other things, a Bokken and Shoto carved and presumably used, by Miyamoto Musashi himself!! That was almost tied in coolness by seeing a Warring States period sword made by someone in the Nobunaga family.

And the little Oda Nobunaga Statue of him eating and stepping on a table while wielding his sword was pretty funny...I might need that for my D&D fig.

But yeah, that exhibit is cool, I would recommend it...and can tell you at Nauseum all about it ;)
This is the first time I have logged into LJ in 2 weeks.
Mainly because I ususally use LJ from work, and there hasnt been time recently.

Work has actually been a bit crazy the last couple weeks.
The library on UC campus, after 25 years of using the same system, has been working for over a year on implementing a new circulation system.

And as a generally competent, well respected Staff member, I got to be involved in a lot of the implementation, some of the policy decision making, and a good deal of testing.

Well, wednesday it went live, and while we are still finding all kinds of oddities, a lot of the pre-implement crazy is passed.

Also, layoffs were being talked about last week, but the word now is there wont be layoffs for a year. However, im probably losing at least half of my student work force...so things will be odd.

I also am now part of a 24/7 reference initiative, and get to answer questions online an hour a week...which is really neat, and I may try and expand it to 2-3 hours a week in a month or so. Once I learn how to Co-browse and push pages using the systems interface.

now, back to my regular life...and a weekend of Faire! Im sure ill cook a bit...but I should be in good company.

Now, to peruse 2 weeks of LJ posts! lol